Make your efforts for energy-efficient buildings visible

Intelligent and integrated building and room automation

Intelligent and integrated building and room automation has an important impact on efficiency improvement without loss of comfort. Energy savings of up to 30% can be achieved.

Officially certified products and systems ensure an energy-efficient performance and consistent quality.

certification for internal and external communication

To make your efforts for more energy efficiency more visible, you have the possibility to certify your building automation system and use the certification for internal and external communication.

eu.bac certification for products

eu.bac launched the European Certification Scheme for Building Automation and Controls responsible for a high proportion of the control of final energy use in buildings.

The eu.bac certification is based on European standards, certification rules, accredited test house product performance testing, factory inspection and approval by recognized certification bodies.

Qualifying products will carry the eu.bac certification mark, indicating they exhibit assured levels of energy-efficient performance and quality assurance.

eu.bac certification for systems based on EN 15232

The European Building Automation and Controls Association eu.bac will launch a new system certification end of 2012 in Germany. The scheme will be introduced in Europe step by step until 2014.

The technical recommendations and check-lists will help perform a quick assessment of an existing BACS or design and will provide targeted improvement recommendations that will save energy and lifecycle costs while improving comfort conditions.

Procedure and methodology are based on European standards (EN 15232) and are scientifically proven by a German university. The initial and periodic inspections will be performed by auditors accredited by the eu.bac organization using a standardized holistic process. This will ensure that your BACS is working correctly and operating at its most sustainable level.