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Services as a final step in a Total Building Solution

Tailored to your requirements

Our Life Cycle Management team plans modernization work and upgrades at an early stage and keeps you apprised of the expected costs. This minimizes system interruptions and maintains a uniformly high level of building productivity.

Measuring success yields potential savings

Through energy monitoring and controlling, we continuously collect data on your building’s energy consumption. This enables us to track the success of optimization measures and to identify additional savings potentials. Periodic energy analyses demonstrate whether your building automation system has the ideal configuration.

System migration according to your preference

Based on the condition of your building systems, you determine the migration and modernization work you wish to have done.   We make sure that your equipment is available at all times.

Preventive maintenance avoids system failure

You benefit from our preventive maintenance services. We localize possible sources of problems over a secure remote connection to your building solution before these faults can cause system failure.

Consulting, training and on-site support – 24/7 and worldwide

Throughout the entire process, our consulting and training services help you expand your own know-how and prepare you for the future. Delivered by our specialists in over 50 countries.

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