Fire alarm in critical storage facilities

If a smoldering fire occurs in a critical storage facility, all information related to the fire is channeled to the control center in fractions of a second. Highly efficient steps can then be taken to fight the fire. The management system localizes the source of the fire on the floor plan. An acoustic alarm sounds. At the click of the mouse, the video surveillance system zooms in on the source of the fire. The operator can immediately see that a smoldering fire has broken out in the raw materials critical storage facility. In just a few seconds, the operator triggers the main alarm to the fire department and provides the emergency response team with useful information about the location, type and size of the fire as well as the hazardous materials involved. The fire department can then plan its response tactics in advance and arrive on the scene quickly and with the right extinguishing agents.

Early intervention makes it possible to avoid the serious damage that can occur when a smoldering fire breaks out in a critical storage facility, efficiently protecting people and assets. Yet this is not all. The public image of the company is protected as well. Major fires and explosions, in particular, result in police investigations and typically lead to negative headlines in the media, which in turn have a negative impact on the company’s image. The statistics speak for themselves: Within three years of having a major fire, 70% of the companies involved go out of business. From this perspective, Total Building Solutions deliver a return on investment that cannot be overestimated.

Disciplines that work together in case of a fire.


  • Improved ability to detect and fight fires

  • Improved assessment of and response to emergency situations, thanks to a transparent management system

  • Fast and precise provision of information to the fire department

  • Less training required for operators, thanks to user-friendly system operation