Evacuation in case of fire

Thanks to Total Building Solutions, evacuations in case of fire are particularly efficient. This can avoid panic. When a fire alarm is triggered in a hotel, a signal sounds in every room and the room lights are turned on. Hotel guests wake up and know immediately that they are being evacuated. A touch panel in the room shows the guest all the necessary information in order to respond correctly to a fire alarm. The blinds have already been raised so that the fire department can rescue the guest directly through the window should this become necessary. A friendly voice comes over the loudspeaker and asks the guest to leave the room. In the hallway, running lights point out the correct escape route. On the way out of the danger zone, guests are reassured when noticing that the smoke is decreasing and fresh air is being supplied. They walk past the elevators, which are out of service. All escalators run in one direction only: toward the exit. All revolving doors stand open. If hotel guests nevertheless fail to respond correctly, security staff can offer assistance at any time, thanks to continuous video surveillance throughout the evacuation. They can intervene either over the loudspeaker system or by providing assistance in person.

Disciplines that work together in case of fire.


  • Smooth evacuation, because evacuees are shown what to do

  • Efficient procedures make people feel safe and avoid panic

  • Faster and more efficient deployment of the fire department