Greater comfort with energy-efficient solutions

The occupancy of a building has many challenges for a building automation system.

With Total Building Solutions the access, security and comfort functions save energy by using intelligent algorithms without sacrifice the occupant’s wellbeing. Individual functions are complementary controlled by smart applications (i.e. stored weather forecast data) what influences the buildings energy consumption.

For example: the reservation of a conference room activates all necessary functions (light, ventilation, air conditioning, blinds, beamer and other energy user) only on default – 5 minutes before occupancy and switches immediately off, as soon as the occupants leave the room - signal from motion detector to management station: switch all functions off - room is unattended.

See further application examples in the comfort video.

Total Building Solutions ensure optimum comfort and environmental conditions for the occupants of a building and increase its value by using energy-efficient measures, 24 hours a day.

Total Building Solutions: more than a technical integration


  • Greater comfort to all building users

  • Satisfied and productive building users, thanks to optimum conditions

  • Efficient energy savings through integrated building technology and discipline overlapping solutions and smart applications

  • More capital, thanks to lower operating costs and higher investment protection

  • Comprehensive service throughout the entire life cycle