Access outside working hours

Thanks to Total Building Solutions, the system identifies the employee – without a doubt and at any time of day. It works like this: The security officer calls up the employee’s badge photo on the management system and compares it to the image on the surveillance video. He verifies the employee and identifies the office where he works. The access control system opens all doors along the direct route to the employee’s office. The intrusion detection system temporarily turns itself off in the defined zone. The elevator takes the employee to his floor, but no farther. The lights go on and, if necessary, ventilation, heating or air conditioning is turned on so that the employee can reach his desk as quickly and comfortably as possible. In his office, he finds his access badge and laptop. The video surveillance system records all of the employee’s movements within the building, which guarantees continuous security.

Disciplines that work together when access outside working hours is requested.


  • Greater access control flexibility without compromising security

  • Security staff receive important decision-making tools

  • Verification through additional video surveillance recording