Tested and certified building solutions

With Total Building Solutions, the flexibility of your building technology knows no limits. After all, the intelligent interaction between disciplines such as building automation, fire safety and security gives rise to more and more new functions, depending on the requirements. The qualities of Total Building Solutions therefore extend far beyond technical integration, thanks to a unique range of services available only from Siemens, a full-service provider of building technology.

Total Building Solutions: more than technical integration

In the Siemens certification center new solution packages are:

  • Developed until they interact smoothly with each other

  • Tested for absolute compatibility with previous and future components

  • Checked for flawless functionality and seamless interoperability

  • Subjected to stress tests and offered for sale only after they have earned the Siemens certified quality seal

Siemens certification center in Zug, Switzerland
Siemens certification center in Zug, Switzerland