ISO 50001

ISO 50001 – intelligible evaluation, continuous improvement

Energy policy as a strategic requirement, energy efficiency as an operative corporate objective, realistic planning for achieving and maintaining continuous process monitoring: ISO 50001 provides a framework for continuous energy management.

Standards for improved efficiency

What you'll get in return: enhanced sustainability, maximum efficiency, reduction in environmental impact, reduced costs and risks – with a straightforward strategy, you can maximize the potential of your buildings in the long term. ISO 50001 shows how to achieve this systematically. You create transparency and analyze energy fluxes and consumption rates intelligibly. You recognize continuous savings potential. Energy management based on standards will help you estimate the success of improvement measures and prioritize and implement your investments. In the end, you'll have positive results – at all levels.

The benefits of certification

  • Verification of a functional energy management system

  • In Germany: exemption from the EEG (German renewable energy act) cost allocation, and electricity and energy tax relief, if applicable

  • Confirmation of your company's sustainability strategy