Green Building Monitor

Green Building Monitor – motivating the buildings' occupants

Get the occupants of your buildings to work with you – you can actively reduce energy consumption by 10 to 15 percent. An excellent tool for this purpose: the Green Building Monitor. It displays current consumption data and achieved savings to everyone. And it's a good motivator for further improvement.

Make the most out of your energy data

You are already collecting the data. Why should you keep it to yourself? The buildings' occupants have the greatest impact on power, water and heat consumption. Make them aware of it. Show them what you would like to achieve together. Include them in the process. Anyone who can see energy consumption data on a daily basis gains a sense of awareness for the topic. And they will be more conscious of their use of resources in the long run.

Monitoring with added value

The Green Building Monitor provides you with the exact data you need: the CO2 emissions for the week, the current energy consumption compared to another location, and the cost savings thanks to the new ventilation system. And there is more: energy saving tips, videos, weather forecasts, or the stock exchange provides variety. A nice side effect: even visitors can see the success of your company's commitment to sustainability.

Benefits offered by the Green Building Monitor

  • Sensitization of your buildings' occupants

  • Attractive display of consumption data (current, historical, comparative)

  • Motivation by displaying saving successes publicly

  • Additional savings of up to 15 percent