Energy Management

Energy management – thinking systematically, reacting strategically

The path to better building energy efficiency is a process. A continuous process. And as in other business processes, such as quality management, it is helpful to define the framework conditions and the individual steps of this process. Especially when dealing with the optimization of a global building portfolio, a systematic approach is a necessity: to take effective action, to maintain an overview and ensure sustainability in the long term. We can assist you in intelligent energy management.

Process evaluation and modification

Do you already monitor energy consumption in your buildings? Are you already working on the modernization of your infrastructure? Then that is our point of entry: assessment of the current status. This is always the basis for the introduction of an energy management system. If we identify weak points, we will recommend specific measures to increase transparency and efficiency. In addition, we will standardize the planning processes and establish the prerequisites, which you can use to continue improving efficiency – throughout the entire life cycle of your building portfolio.

Step by step toward certification

From the identification of savings potential, planning and implementation of specific measures to intelligible documentation: with the energy management system, you are paving the way for the resource-conservative use of energy for your entire enterprise. Important: process monitoring and assessment is a continuous element so that you have the necessary defenses against restructurings, price increases, innovations and all other changes. Of course, all steps are in conformance with standards – you can also certify your energy management in accordance with ISO 50001. We will assist you.

The benefits offered by the energy management system

  • Expert supervision up to certification date

  • Integration of energy management into all company processes

  • Assistance with optimization measures

  • Improved transparency in the entire building portfolio

  • Reduction of energy costs, CO2 emissions and investment risks

  • Company-wide enhancement of sustainability