Efficiency Monitoring

Efficiency Monitoring – making your buildings transparent

Measuring is the first step: the key to target-based monitoring is in ascertaining the correct dimensions at the correct locations and making them accessible. This includes a broad range of relevant energy consumers: lighting, heating systems, ventilation and air conditioning systems, water systems, machines, computers and equipment of all kinds. And the same diversity applies to data. Does this sound like a huge amount of information? It is. But we'll give you the perspective you need.

Data in context

We make your energy data readable. And: we put it into context. Heating curves are best assessed in conjunction with weather information. Power consumption levels make more sense when referenced with target values. And comparing an entire building to a reference object makes it easier to assess its status.

Put your trust in a powerful tool

We use the Advantage™ Navigator for efficiency monitoring. We put all of the experience we have gained from projects which brought about true savings into this tool. The comprehensive, integrated, cloud-based platform makes your buildings' energy data visible. And leading-edge analysis and report features show what potential savings your building portfolio contains. Lower energy costs and more operational efficiency – Advantage™ Navigator paves the way to your sustainability goals.

You can rely on expertise

At the Advantage Service Center, Siemens energy and operations experts continuously analyze energy data from your building portfolio. If desired, they can remotely access your infrastructure and optimize controls.

Security plus added value

It goes without saying that we guarantee maximum integrity. Your data is safe with us.

And if you want to make more of your data, we will provide you access to it in an individually processed form. For example, for use by the Green Building Monitor. This tool will help you motivate the buildings' occupants to increase savings on site.

The benefits offered by Efficiency Monitoring

  • Revealing data on all current energy usage

  • Monitoring and assessment through the entire life cycle of systems and buildings

  • Comprehensive reports

  • Identification of savings potential

  • Benchmarking targeted investments for all buildings in your portfolio

  • Tracking the success of optimization measures