Service Center

Service Center – our experts ensure your efficiency

Monitor, assess, optimize, control: our global Service Center ensures trouble-free and efficient operation of your buildings. Put your trust in the expertise of our energy and operations specialists, the experience we've gained from thousands of projects and our dependable service. Never before has it been easier to tap the full potential of your buildings.

Services based on your needs

Reports, consultation, operation and observation: you determine the extent of the services you receive from our experts. Your Service Center can generate analyses and reports from your energy data with which you can optimize building efficiency. It can issue recommendations and instruct your personnel on site. Or you can select the comprehensive service option: our personnel will proactively monitor your systems and take measures to improve efficiency.

Long-term security and efficiency

Our specialists can access your building automation and systems directly via remote control. And always safely and with defined usage rights. You examine the processes, optimize the operation of your air conditioning system, for example, and ensure the targeted savings long-term – with no need to have personnel on site. Especially useful: our specialists will identify weak points before they lead to problems. For you, this means: pure comfort, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The benefits offered by the Service Center

  • Contact to highly-qualified experts

  • Inexpensive implementation

  • Remote system monitoring and optimization in real time

  • Remote alarm management

  • Continuous analysis of energy consumption data and events

  • Logical and transparent reporting system