Take the next step towards total control of your infrastructure. Maximise efficiency, minimise costs and reduce environmental impact across your enterprise.

You have a wide range of goals designed to maximise energy and operational efficiency. Now it’s time to take the next step with leading, new technology. It’s time for Siemens Navigator. As a single, integrated, cloud-based platform, Navigator provides powerful analytical and reporting capabilities. It gives you visibility into the long-term performance of your facilities and infrastructure.

Customised to meet your needs

Navigator’s customisable suite of applications helps you monitor building system performance, energy demand and energy supply more effectively and efficiently. It provides transparency, giving your team and the Siemens experts who support you full insight to make critical improvements. And using a central platform, you can maintain total control over a single building, a campus or your entire portfolio.

Navigator offers six separate groups of applications, each with a distinct purpose.

  • Dashboards: Provide a general overview of performance to anyone with access to your system through the use of customised dashboards that allow continual monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs)

  • Environment: Automate environmental reports including a greenhouse gas inventory, compliance reporting and sustainability analyses

  • Efficiency: Compare performance based on energy consumption data within a building, amongst equipment or across your enterprise

  • Performance: Obtain analyses and reports designed to provide a precise understanding of system performance, using analyses for a detailed insight into hardware performance

  • Supply: Gain a clear insight into energy supplier invoices, energy costs and energy market pricing

  • Projects: Give your team the ability to track, manage and evaluate improvement options for projects