Get more from your building portfolio

With the Building Performance Management Cockpit

Transparency is the key to making sound decisions. The Building Performance Management Cockpit from Siemens delivers exactly that: complete transparency for all building data. It visualizes technical, energy-related and business Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – in real-time and across your entire portfolio. How do you benefit? The more familiar you are with your figures, the better you are able to make sound decisions – and get the most out from your real estate portfolio.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Portfolio analyses, benchmarking, charts, and diagrams

  • Cost structure analyses, income forecasts, and profitability checks

  • Clear and lasting reduction of building costs

  • Optimized building performance

  • Increased competitiveness

How the cockpit works

ERP, building and energy management, HR management – a wide range of systems provide an enormous amount of data from your buildings. And that’s the crucial point: It takes both time and money to structure and evaluate this heterogeneous data and use it to generate useful information. And in the end, the results may no longer be fully up to date.

From real estate management to real-time management

The Building Performance Management Cockpit integrates the data from all systems into a single tool. It evaluates the data and prepares the results in real time. Whenever you face a strategic decision, you have easy access to the information you need with just a few clicks. Targeted overviews, charts, and diagrams give you confidence – and that’s true transparency.

A fast and detailed overview:
The dashboards can be adjusted and extended as needed.


  • An overview of all technical, economic, and energy-related KPIs – based on real-time data from a variety of systems

  • Role-specific cockpit – with individually configurable views

  • Intuitive user interface – for optimal usability

  • Access from everywhere – thanks to cloud-based technology

  • Standard interfaces – for connecting third-party systems

  • Powered by SAP HANA – with fast in-memory technology