Ongoing Services and Optimization

Maintaining efficiency, continuing improvement

Once we have reached the first saving goals together, we can look toward the future: how can we maintain this efficiency? How can we continue improving the performance of your buildings? What measures will continue to lower consumption, energy costs and adverse effects to the environment? Our services go far beyond technical maintenance procedures here. Allow us to advise you over the long term. We can permanently ensure your sustainability.

Continuous improvement – with Energy Optimization Services

Systems lose efficiency when running continuously – if not continuously monitored. Protect your building portfolio against losses in efficiency and value. Long-term sustainability at low cost: this is made possible with our strategy for Energy Optimization Services.

Save a lot with little expense

We create clarity: the analysis of your current building performance provides us with important information on energy consumption, user satisfaction, comfort and operating mode. Together, we determine the necessary optimization measures based on that information. The focus in this: a sensible cost-benefit ratio. Small adaptations can often have a huge effect. For example, optimization of the building automation and control system plus the existing infrastructure. This can be carried out during ongoing operation and without significant investment, but leads to fast, recognizable savings.

Continuous optimization

To maintain efficiency in the long term, we implement a sustainable optimization process. Permanent transparency uncovers weak points continuously. So you can maintain the efficiency, energy costs, availability and comfort of your buildings at the highest level – and keep on improving performance.

Our Energy Optimization Services

  • Monitoring building and consumption data

  • Consumption reports, identification of savings potential, consultation with optimization measures

  • Step-by-step improvements to the existing building services with low investment costs

  • Optimal alignment of the technologies for measurement, control and regulation as well as the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems

  • In-service analysis through a continuous improvement process

  • Support to operating personnel

The benefits of Energy Optimization Services

  • Optimization of existing building systems

  • Low investments for significant savings

  • Trouble-free building operation without adverse effects

  • Continuous improvement through a sustainable process