Measurement & Reporting

Tracking performance, verifying efficiency

You've invested in your building portfolio, and now you want to know: how efficiently is the operation running? We will show you. We gather the energy data continuously and create clearly laid out reports. So you can see, in black and white, what you have achieved, enabling you to maintain the performance of your buildings permanently. You can identify weak points early on. And discover more savings potential.

Permanent transparency – with Data Monitoring, Archiving & Reporting

You'd like to maintain the performance of your building portfolio over the long term? And continuously improve it when possible? Then you need persistent transparency. Systems, consumption levels and costs: with us, you'll be able to keep an eye on everything. Our monitoring solutions and comprehensive services leave no wishes unfulfilled.


All data on one platform: Navigator allows continuous access at all times and evaluates the information based on your needs. Current consumption rates, historical cost curves or savings statistics – take advantage of the potential that is contained within your energy data.

Advantage Service Center

Your buildings provide a continuous stream of data. The Advantage Service Center personnel will assist you with the assessment and evaluation. They will notify you of performance problems. And they know how you can get more out of your buildings.