Evaluation & Assessment

Recognizing options, reacting wisely

Transparency is the basis for savings at all levels. With the needed perspective, we can uncover unnecessary energy eaters, carbon producers and cost-drivers in all processes, including energy procurement and consumption, water supply, and waste water management. In the end, you will thus have the right resource quantities, at the right time and place – for the right price. So you can maximize the efficiency of your building portfolio.

A reliable basis for decision-making – detailed auditing for energy and water

After an initial evaluation, we let the numbers do the talking: with detailed auditing, we reveal precisely which savings in energy and water are feasible, what measures will be needed to achieve them, and what it will cost and why that investment makes sense. You thus have a reliable foundation for decision-making.

Detailed planning basis

A modernization program requires transparency. Detailed auditing of energy and water will provide you with the key indicators which you can easily understand: for savings potential, investment need and amortization. And we will always stay within the framework that you determine. We always keep an eye on your goals and budgets. enabling you to make targeted decisions.

Basis for financing and guarantee

You'd rather invest in your core business? Then we will help you with the financing of efficiency measures. And guarantee the success upon request. This minimizes your risk, and you get some leeway for other issues.

The benefits offered by detailed auditing

  • Reliable decision-making basis for measures that will increase efficiency

  • Overview of savings potential, accumulating costs and amortization

  • Secure basis for financing concepts and guarantee contracting