Building automation / HVAC technology

HVAC technology: What is it all about?

HVAC technology combines a variety of topics: from general communication standards in building technologies, the role hydraulics plays in heating and cooling, room automation, lighting and shading technologies to the functionality of sensors and their proper installation and adjustment. We consolidate knowledge for technology buffs and experts alike and provide useful content from a variety of sources.

Communication in building automation

Communication in building automation

The communication protocol BACnet was specially developed for the requirements of buildings. It is suited for both the automation and the management level. The emphasis is placed on building automation with a view to HVAC plants, fire control panels, intrusion detection and access control systems.

See how intelligent room components based on KNX standards work smothly together and blast the energy efficency of your room automation.

Coming to the details

Measure technology

Understand heating & cooling technologies

Valves & actuators

Learn how to gain energy efficiency due to HVAC technology

EN 15232


EN 15232 - eu.bac product certification
What are standing orders for building automation?

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Energy efficiency


Energy efficiency in building automation and control

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Saving energy with Synco

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Get expertise from the field

Are you interested in detailed knowledge for working at the front end? Take a closer look to our materials downwards

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Practical tips

Read yourself trough our practical tips about hydraulic settings, faulty circulation, sizing and selection of valves and actuators with calculation examples for heating, ventilation, steam and water. Get also information about the correct location and mounting of sensors or to ensure functionality of your air damper.

See for example: Injection circuit

Hydraulic settings
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Learn from training materials/tools

Beyond "Projects" you find a very useful  planing tool to create HVAC documentation including connection diagrams and many more apllication and features.

Check "Easy Hydronics" to visualize dynamically and interactively thermal and hydraulic simulation of basic hydraulic circuits. It can be used to foster hydraulic competencies and understanding or make life easier for all those who want to plan their hydraulic projects in a more visualised way.

Want to see how it REALLY works?

See our Siemens BT reference cases, about HVAC technology e.g.

Did you know that...?

  • …properly designed lighting strategies can save 30-60% of lighting energy?

  • …commercial buildings contribute to almost one fifth of the overall energy consumption in developed countries?

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