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Siemens BT country-specific trainings

Regardless of whether you are a manager or a technician, expertise in hydraulics is important when dealing with customers and colleagues. Trainings provide technical knowledge, help to understand hydraulic principles, enable correct sizing and selection of products and facilitate safe work and handling of HVAC systems. The methodologies used are effective training strategies to learn as well as apply the newly acquired knowledge and competencies already in the trainings.
For schedules and enrolment please contact the local Siemens representative. Trainings are offered worldwide at the following locations:

Trainings Siemens overall: SITRAIN

Siemens offers a wide variety of opportunities for training and continuing education. Some of them are open to external resources (non-Siemens partners or employees). Training courses are developed by the country managers and conducted by local instructors. Each of the 88 countries in which Siemens BT does business has its own training center. The training offerings vary from country to country and reflect the local requirements and regulations. 
For more information, please contact the Siemens office in your country (see SITRAIN world map).

SITRAIN worldmap
SITRAIN™ worldmap