Tuesday, February 12, 2013

General news

Ask the experts: Building technology is facing a number of challenges, both technical and social. We are excited to introduce a new section called `Ask the experts` in which specialists provide answers to frequently asked questions relating to building technology. Experts will take turns explaining their views on topics such as energy efficiency in building technology, the role of smart grids, or smart buildings. Find the current interview here. 

Which other topics are you interested in? We would love to hear your suggestions for future interviews with experts.

E-learning: E-learning content is now available on our Building Knowledge training website. You will find three Siemens e-learning courses on shading, lighting and hydraulics in building technology. These courses will help you acquire basic knowledge in these areas. At the end of each course, you can take a self test to check your learning progress. All e-learning courses take 4 hours to complete. Let`s start the training...
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"Trends in Fire Safety, Security and Building Automation 2013": Cities are continuing to grow: Twenty years from now approximately 60% of the world population will live in cities. The need for public safety and security to protect people, assets and infrastructures will increase dramatically. What are the developments and trends of tomorrow? Which role will wireless communication, corporate security or intelligent response systems play?Click here to find out.

Fire safety news

Extinguishing: Interested in preventing potential damage to hard drives caused by discharges from dry extinguishing systems? Click here to read the full white paper " Potential damage to hard disk drives during discharges of dry extinguishing systems". From experts to other experts – or those who want to become experts.

Security news

Read the new detailed technical article "Access Control: Integration not Isolation" about global solutions for access control and attendance systems and the challenges security systems are facing today. Please click here to read the full article.

Life science news

Hot off the press: “In the modern lab environment (…) safety and security are increasingly coordinated from a central point. Efficient operation and rapid intervention therefore depend on an intelligent building management system which provides an overview based on information from thousands of data points.” To read the full technical article "Intelligent control of the lab environment", please click here.