Life science

Lifescience: What is it all about?

In the life science field, building technology is based on the specific needs of clean rooms. These are used in healthcare and in the pharmaceutical, medical device, food & beverage and microelectronic industries. Because of a variety of regulations and workplace requirements, life science environments have very specific constraints: Building and room automation has to meet legally mandated environmental requirements, including air pressure, temperature, humidity, particle count and air flow. Critical parameters are monitored and logged on an ongoing basis. Special video surveillance, safety and security technology protects against unauthorized access and cross contamination. If a fire or emergency occurs, certain conditions must be maintained to prevent toxic substances from being released into the environment. Today’s fire detection systems typically offer a Genuine Alarm Guarantee and use special extinguishing gases.

Coming to the details

“In the modern lab environment (…) safety and security are increasingly coordinated from a central point. Efficient operation and rapid intervention therefore depend on an intelligent building management system which provides an overview based on information from thousands of data points.”

"Intelligent building management of clean rooms and laboratories is about maximizing the use of information. By integrating data from fire and gas detection systems, video surveillance, access control systems, lab rooms and fume hoods along with that of heating, ventilating and air-conditioning and other automated building systems such as elevators, escalators, water treatment systems, laboratory and medical technology systems, significant benefits can be achieved.

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You are responsible for planning fire safety solutions in clean rooms? We have a detailed overview from a clean room solution to show you from installation side what you should keep in mind. Figure it out.

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