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Fire safety

Fire safety technology: What is it all about?

Fire safety technology has to tailor different requirements to prevent, detect or in the worst case extinguish fires as fast as possible. We have materials about different detection-, extinguishing technologies and their technical basics, about intelligent response for emergency cases as evacuation principles, planning manuals and articles about current challenges of the field due to different environmental and material requirements of the values to be protected.

Let’s get the basics

332 pages fire safety know how

  1. Introduction

  2. Integral Fire Protection

  3. Gas Detection

  4. Fire Detection

  5. Alarm and Evacuation

  6. Automatic extinguishing

  7. Danger Management System

  8. Maintenance and Services

  9. Standards and Regulations

  10. Symbols and Terminology

The table of contents and a brief summary to each chapter you find here:

The complete edition of the Fire safety guide contains a hardcopy and a CD with PDF-files, both in English and German. Please ask the Siemens contact in your country for availability.

Get expertise from the field

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Want to see how it REALLY works?

See SIemens BT reference cases, about fire detection e.g.

Did you know that...?

  • …most fires in hospitals start from kitchen or from rooms with beddings and clothings? Find more information about building-specific solutions which are aligned to special needs in hospitals.

  • …that over 64% of fires in  data centers are due to power and climate control equipment. Quality of equipment is therefore as crucial as fire detection system to prevent fires.

  • … that injuries and deaths caused by terror attacks have increased six times since 9/11? Learn more about the special needs for fire safety and security technology at airports.

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