Data centers

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Data centers have unique requirements when it comes to building automation, security and fire safety: They require continuously functioning, reliable and high-performing cooling systems to maintain the correct operating temperature of their large-scale IT equipment. Video surveillance, access control and alarm systems, plus specialized software solutions, ensure compliance with the highest security standards. Highly sensitive fire detectors and special gas extinguishing systems guarantee fire safety and extinguishing to prevent fires and damage to expensive equipment.

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Data centers planning documentation: From planning to execution


Data centers are reported to account for around 2%
of the world’s total energy consumption and are expected to overtake the carbon emissions of the airline industry by 2020. Efficient use of energy is therefore more important today than ever before. The growth in IT services and server and storage capacity poses some technical challenges for data center operators: Namely, the availability of power, reduction of risk and the implications for higher energy consumption.

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