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Heating/Ventilation/Air-conditioning (HVAC)

HVAC technology

Are you interested in HVAC technology?
Then you have come to the right place: Here you’ll learn everything about HVAC technology, from the basics to tips and tricks from the field.We have scripts for students and beginners, research papers about the challenges of today, technical answers for real and would-be pros as well as a variety of tools, apps and additional information. Find out more.



Are you curious about security technology in and around buildings? Are you looking for high-quality technical information? We offer a variety of materials and information related to security. Click through technical articles and white papers about security management and associated technologies or try our “how to” tips.
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Fire safety

Fire safety

Are you looking for information about fire safety?
We have compiled a variety of useful information and offer a selection of high-quality materials and references to relevant sources. From basic information to planning manuals, guides and white papers, we provide a wealth of knowledge about fire safety, one of the essential building technology components. Find out more.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

Are you into energy-efficiency in new and existing buildings as an exciting field for technology and innovation?
Discover the latest trends, browse presentations, research papers, platforms and blogs and learn more about energy efficiency in buildings.

Siemens Training

Siemens offers a wide variety of opportunities for training and continuing education. Take a look!