Install Identcode client

Get Ready

Printing Equipment

If you use Laser Printer with A4 Format please use fallowing Paper:

If you have a numerous Labels to print for Siemens BT you might require dedicated Hardware. For Label Printing Hardware Printers and correct Paper. Please refer to ICS

Installation Login

For first Use:
- Install “Advanced Label Print” with this Link
- Press “Install”


The Client will be installed on your PC


If already Installed:
- Windows Start Button and Programs and select “IdentPrint Remote Client”

Click to the Icon

Login with your Username and Password (request by Mail:

Prepare Printout

Select a Label for a Single Pack or a Label for a Multi Pack (Most products are sold as single pack)


Press Select Query Button


- Press “Execute query” button
- All products you deliver to Siemens are selected
- Navigate with the arrows through all items
- You can do further selections using one of this fields

- Mandatory: Fill in Date of Production (Format: YYYYMMDD - 20140122)
- Mandatory: Enter Quantity of Labels you need
- Other date can be entered if required

Print Label

Select “Remote driver”
- HP LaserJet PCL6 for general Laser Printer
- Zebra or CAB for Label Printer
- Printprovider : External Printer (with costs)


Select “Local driver”
All Local Printer you have installed will appear here – choose the one you need!


If A4 Printer is used:
- Choose HP LaserJet PCL6 as Remote Driver
- Select your Local Printer
- Enter “A” at “Paper sheet A=A4 / B=US”
- Press Preview to check if everything looks fine To Print out press “Execute”

If special Label Printer is Used:
Select ZEBRA or CAB Printer as remote driver

If external Print Provider should print Labels
- Select Remote driver = Printprovider and Execute
- Confirm order to print provider (Internal Order NR)
- Possibility Delete prepared Label
- Print Provider print Order from Journal