Innovative command and control platform for intervention forces – Siveillance Command

Siveillance™ Command is an innovative and advanced command and control solution which unifies all of the tools necessary to effectively control intervention forces, such as fire brigades, police, ambulance, and security services. Siveillance Command supports a holistic approach to public safety and security and a response to incidents. For mission-critical operations, this command and control platform offers precisely the kind of real-time support function and information needed to react effectively to an incident at any time.


  • Integrated command and control solution for intervention forces

  • Flexible adaptation to customer’s requirements

  • Unique visualization ensuring situational awareness

  • Scalable and application-/customer-specific functionalities

  • Efficient resource management and Computer-Aided Dispatch

  • Pure software based communications platform for emergency communications Siveillance Connect consolidating all kinds of communication systems

  • Role-based user and authority concepts

  • Highest reliability through proven redundancy concepts

  • Complete service portfolio to support you through the entire life cycle

Command and control offering integrated communication

Siveillance Command offers a command and control platform that uniquely integrates systems which are essential in operating a command and control center, such as: telephone emergency calls, analog or digital radio communication with intervention forces, recording devices, video surveillance, e-mail, signals from automatic alarm systems, etc. allowing operators and first responders to optimize their work process. Siveillance Command also offers homogenous integration of all communication sub-systems, which in turn reduces training time and provides a fast response.

Efficient and easy operation

Siveillance Command fully conforms to your specific security policies, appropriately defining actions and counter measures for managing daily routines, time-critical processes, as well as crisis and emergency situations. Emergency call talking is supported through pre-defined questions and answers to receive the essential information from a distressed caller within shortest time, dramatically reducing errors in the decision-making process.

Unique visualization

Siveillance Command has a fully integrated Geographical Information System (GIS) provides a complete situational overview. Incident locations or the actual positions of resources are automatically displayed in 2D or 3D maps. A routing engine calculates and displays the optimum routes to the incident location.

Short response time for intervention forces

Siveillance Command allows for fully integrated Computer-Aided Dispatch of intervention forces. Tasks are assigned to the most suitable resources, while a regular two-way communication with status updates is ensured throughout operations.