With Siveillance™, we offer you a tailored security solution and help make the world a safer place

Siveillance – the right security solution for you offering you peace of mind

Today, half of the world‘s population lives in cities. On a global scale, there is a growing demand for reliable security solutions that keep people safe and secure. With Siveillance we help our customers achieve their desired level of security and peace of mind – providing them with an intelligent security solution to protect what is important to them.

Siveillance unifies the entire security portfolio from Siemens under one roof. Siveillance reflects the innovative and forward looking approach Siemens is taking in developing, evolving, and pushing today’s security technological boundaries to answer today's and tomorrow's toughest security questions.

Siveillance portfolio

Our user-friendly and innovative Siveillance portfolio provides an integrated approach to security – illustrating how different products and systems can be configured to work efficiently in individual environments. As a one-stop provider, Siemens meets security demands regarding quality, functionality, and flexibility – today and in the future. The Siveillance family includes:

Whatever your industry, you can have the right security solution with Siveillance

With Siveillance, we can provide an integrated security solution to help you protect what is important to you. From requirement analysis and project definition to project design, implementation, commissioning, training, and real life support services; we help you to meet the challenges both today and in the future. We provide stress-free answers to your toughest security problems, offering you peace of mind at all times.

The conceptual adaptability and flexible architectural design of our innovative sector and industry solutions are customized to prevent, protect, respond, and recover security threats in order to protect people, processes and assets.

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