Security management on one platform with Siveillance Fusion

Siveillance™ Fusion is an integrated security management system for today’s business world. This solution combines access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection on one security platform. Siveillance Fusion provides an optimal solution for delivering risk management, security control, and coordinated responses to evolving security challenges.

A security management solution that provides peace of mind for your security investment

Technology developments in security are continuously changing. Siveillance Fusion is a security platform that can preserve your original investment by seamlessly integrating new technologies with your legacy systems, thereby removing the dependency on any one system or device. You will have peace of mind in knowing that your investment is safe for the future needs.

Optimize the efficiency of your IT network

As our security management system runs on your IT network, the integration possibilities and the system flexibility are endless. Siveillance Fusion combines applications and devices into one process-driven security solution including customized and dynamic visual presentation and reporting. Using your IT network enhances security management, operational efficiencies, situational awareness and control, while minimizing control room and response operation costs.

A creative and scalable security platform to suit your requirements

It is also not expected that one solution fits all requirements. As Siveillance Fusion's open architecture and protocols run over your IT network, we can offer a flexible and scalable security management solution combining many different products. This flexibility also allows the security platform to cater to a variety of applications and sizes, single- or multi-site, local or worldwide. No matter what your requirements are today or tomorrow, the security management solution can be quickly adapted to your changing needs and requirements.

Easy operation and guaranteed redundancy

Supporting single or multiple operator configurations, Siveillance Fusion is user-friendly and adaptable. As the core components run independently, the security platform is very resilient to failures or downtime. The components can run on a single machine or a set of machines; therefore, if one primary system fails, the respective standby system takes over, ensuring business continuity and efficiency. Further redundancy can be achieved by clustering the applications server and database.


  • Central management – The integration of multiple disciplines on one platform provides centralized situational awareness, management, and alarm handling.

  • Easy integration of a variety of sub-systems - not only is it possible to integrate various sub-systems such as access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, building automation and fire safety with Siveillance Fusion, it also provides interface support at an application level by leveraging on the .NET platform, allowing complete interoperability with other .NET services and computing applications via the Internet.

  • Integrated video management – both IP and analog cameras can be integrated into the security management solution for live video streaming and network recordings and includes both VMS and NVR options.

  • Tailored access control – administrators can centrally manage and control admission to specific areas and monitor staff movement via personnel cards or door configuration.

  • Reliable intrusion detection – centralized security management and monitoring capabilities, from detecting perimeter-violating incidents to triggering alarms and enforcing access restrictions.

  • Building automation and fire safety systems – can be monitored, controlled, and reported through Siveillance Fusion.

  • Application modules include: Time and attendance, visitor management, partitioning and rights management, report designer, photo ID badging and video management.