Intrusion detection systems from Siemens provide early detection and provide seemless integration

Intruder detection systems are an integral element in your security management system. Security performance enhancements and cost savings can be achieved by combining intrusion alarm systems together with video surveillance and access control. Siemens embraces this shift in mindset and its intruder detection systems that can be integrated and even monitored by one central management station (Siveillance Fusion).

Protecting people and assets – safety through early detection

With fully integrated security management solutions, such as our Siveillance™ Fusion system, you are able to centralize security management and are supported by an efficient decision making and communication environment.

Intrusion detection systems from Siemens, together with video surveillance and access control are designed, developed, produced, installed, and serviced by the same company; and then monitored by one central management station (Siveillance Fusion). With all of this from one supplier, you can look forward to maximum benefits and convenience.


  • Full integration of our intrusion detection systems with our security management station (Siveillance Fusion)

  • Alarm systems provide early detection of potential burglars

  • Immediate alerting to a central management station

  • Hold-up protection for the employees and customers

  • Object protection in every special value container (safe)