Siveillance VMS 300 – video management for more clarity

Siveillance VMS 300 is a powerful IP video management software designed for large-scale and high-security deployments with an unlimited number of cameras, users and sites. With its centralized management of recording servers, users, storage and devices it enables the efficient administration of the system regardless of its size or if it is distributed across multiple sites. Server configuration for remote sites can be done from a central location.

High performance for high security

  • Designed for large-scale, multi-site deployments

  • Supports unlimited number of cameras, users and sites

  • Consolidated view of all system parts and precise response to incidents using interactive maps linked to alarms

  • Includes Siveillance VMS Monitoring Wall, an add-on video wall product for unparalleled situational overview of large surveillance centers, helping to improve response times

  • Provides system reliability for high-security installations with edge storage support combined with failover recording servers and redundant management servers to ensure uninterrupted video recording

  • Using Siveillance VMS Federated Architecture, Siveillance VMS 300 can be set-up connected with separate site systems to implement large-scale surveillance systems that span multiple physical locations.

  • Siveillance VMS Interconnect provides a cost-efficient and flexible way to achieve central surveillance operations across geographically dispersed sites