Siveillance VMS 200 – video management for more clarity

Siveillance VMS 200 is an advanced open IP video management software for medium and large installations. Its powerful central management interface allows large systems with multiple recording servers to be efficiently managed as one uniform system. Using scheduled and event-driven rules, it is easy to automate security actions and control external systems, reducing the amount of manual tasks. Three unique viewing clients provide seamless access to live and recorded video for different personnel responsibilities. With multi-layered maps and the option to add on Siveillance VMS Monitoring Wall, the software provides a consolidated view over multiple locations. Ideal for operators who want sophisticated live monitoring, Siveillance VMS 200 facilitates efficient alarm handling and the ability to flag suspicious incidents for later review.

Powerful control for advanced surveillance

  • Central management user interface for controlling all connected cameras, devices, storage and users
    Automate different aspects of the system, based on events or time schedules, eliminating the need for manual control using to the versatile rule engine

  • High system redundancy and availability: edge storage allows camera-integrated storage to act as a safeguard function in the event of network or server failure

  • Efficient management of video data: bookmarks allow users to mark video sections and add descriptive notes to quickly sort through video evidence for later analysis or sharing with others