Siveillance VMS components to complete your video management solution

Siveillance VMS Monitoring Wall

Siveillance VMS Monitoring Wall is an advanced add-on video wall product that improves response time by
giving a complete overview of large surveillance centers.

  • Create presets for view layout and content for each Siveillance VMS Monitoring Wall

  • Use the configuration flexibility to easily populate preset layouts by dragging-and-dropping camera icons or using the powerful rules engine

  • Any amount or combination of monitors regardless of manufacturer is supported

  • Run Siveillance VMS Monitoring Wall on standard servers and displays

  • Get Siveillance VMS Monitoring Wall included as standard with Siveillance VMS 300

  • Add Siveillance VMS Monitoring Wall as option with Siveillance VMS 200

Siveillance VMS Interconnect

Siveillance VMS Interconnect is a unique system concept that allows all Siveillance VMS and Milestone Husky NVR products to be interconnected with the Siveillance VMS 300 software. Siveillance VMS Interconnect provides a cost-efficient and flexible way to gain central surveillance operations across geographically dispersed sites.

Siveillance VMS Federated Architecture

Siveillance VMS Federated Architecture allows multiple individual Siveillance VMS 300 systems to be set-up connected in a parent/child hierarchy of federated sites. Siveillance VMS Federated Architecture offers surveillance system architects, designers and administrators the possibility to architecture to implement large-scale surveillance systems that span multiple physical locations, as well as legal and government entities. It is optimized for the connection for fewer, large sites. Using Siveillance VMS Federated Architecture, the central site must be a Siveillance VMS 300, the remote sites can be a Siveillance VMS 200 or Siveillance VMS 300. The Siveillance VMS 100 is not supported by Siveillance VMS Federated Architecture.