Siveillance VMS Clients – have access to your recordings where ever you are

  • Choose between three flexible viewing interfaces available in 27 languages

  • Get access to recordings from any computer or mobile device

  • Stay up to date where ever you are

Siveillance VMS Video Client

Used with the Siveillance VMS range the Siveillance VMS Video Client is a powerful, easy-to-use viewing client application for daily surveillance operations, included in all Siveillance VMS versions.

  • Streamlined user interface with intuitive and powerful functions to operate any video surveillance installation regardless of size

  • Efficient working environment that can be optimized for different tasks and operator requirements

  • Advanced investigation tools combined with an easy-to-navigate video timeline for quick and accurate examination of incidents by the user

  • Consolidation of relevant video evidence to document incidents through storyboard feature

Siveillance VMS Mobile Client

Siveillance VMS Mobile Client is an included intuitive application for Apple®, Android™ and Windows Phone 8 devices that allows users to view video instantly using smartphones or tablets. Siveillance VMS Mobile Client operates with all the Siveillance VMS range via Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connections. Users can view, play back and export video, control outputs and push live video from the device’s camera, allowing users to see what’s important and get clarity regardless of their location.

Siveillance VMS Web Client

Siveillance VMS Web Client is an intuitive web-based interface to view, play back and share video. It provides instant access to all essential functions and is easy to operate for users of all skill levels. Siveillance VMS Web Client provides remote access to the surveillance system from all common browsers and computer operating systems and runs on any Internet-enabled computer or device without installation.