Access control systems

Access control solutions with integration possibilities to our security management station

Flexible yet secure

Organizational threats and risks are growing and changing all the time. Demand for security management solutions has become the standard rather than the exception.

Access control solutions from Siemens, such as SIPORT are upgradeable and expandable, so there is no need to install a brand new system if your business' requirements change. For example; if you need to increase the size or number of the premises to be secured, or you would like to upgrade an existing security system.

On the other side, with security management stations such as Siveillance™ Fusion system we enable secure and authorized access into both the physical and logical world, providing situational awareness and peace of mind at all times.


  • Interfaces to management systems (e.g. Siveillance Fusion, Siveillance™ Vantage)

  • Flexible and scalable hardware architectures

  • Modular smart software solutions and interfaces reducing operational costs

  • Enterprise solutions for worldwide global accounts

  • Card personalization systems

  • RFID real-time people and asset tracing

  • We can ensure efficient serviceability

  • Our solutions meet international quality standards

  • Risk analysis to design systems meeting the required level of security

  • Enable easy integration using open interface standards

Reliable and flexible system for access control and time management – SIPORT

SIPORT is a comprehensive, modular, and reliable system for access control and time management. It provides a simple solution for allowing authorized persons such as employees and visitors to move through a building or building complex with ease while keeping unauthorized persons out.

SIPORT is exceptionally well-equipped for globalization due to its scalability and networkability. It is a robust and flexible security solution that can be adapted for various market needs, such as office blocks, banks, insurance companies, hospitals, refineries, and airports. It is equally effective for indoor or outdoor environments to control access to selected areas or a complete complex.


  • Migrates from existing access control systems

  • Integrates into existing IT systems

  • Can be configured to individual needs, organizational structures, and work processes

  • Flexible time management system with interfaces to wage and salary programs