2-port seat valve, flanged, PN25, DN40, kvs 20

Stock no. S55208-V125

Stock no. S55208-V125

  • With flanged connections to ISO 7005

  • For cooling, chilled, low and high temperature water, brine, heat transfer oils, saturated and superheated steam in open and closed circuits

Additional info

When using valves of the V..F43.., V..F53.. lines with a stem heating element and a medium temperature of below -5 °C, the stem sealing gland must be replaced.




To DN 50: 20, From DN 65: 40 mm

Leakage rate

0...0.01 % of kvs value




20 m³/h


Water, Water with anti-freeze

Medium temperature

-20…220 °C

Valve characteristic

Equal percentage, kvs 250/400 linear


DN 15, kvs ≤ 1,25 m³/h: >50, DN 15...150: >100

Permissible operating pressure

2500 kPa

Material, valve body

Nodular cast iron EN-GJS-400-18-LT

Material, inside set

Stainless steel

PN class

PN 16, PN 25

Absolute pressure p1 steam

1600 kPa abs

SAX.. Δpmax

500 kPa

SAX.. Δps

550 kPa

SKD.. Δpmax

650 kPa

SKD.. Δps

750 kPa

SKB.. Δpmax

1200 kPa

SKB.. Δps

2000 kPa

SKD.. Δpmax steam

1000 kPa

SKD.. Δps steam

2500 kPa

SKB.. Δpmax steam

1200 kPa

SKB.. Δps steam

2500 kPa