Consumption data interface

Stock no. S55621-H112

Stock no. S55621-H112

The consumption data interface collects consumption (meter) data and communicates these data using KNX RF directly to the central apartment unit (QAX913 or QAX903). Meters may be connected either via Impulse inputs or via M-Bus (wired). There is an additional interface for communication with the Synergyr central communication device, OZW30, for the purpose system migration.

  • M-Bus MiniMaster for up to 3 M-Bus meters

  • 2 Impulse inputs for impulse meters

  • BatiBus communication to Synergyr OZW30

  • KNX RF communication to QAX913 or QAX903



Operating voltage

AC 230 V


50 Hz

Power consumption

7 VA


KNX RF-compatible, 868.3 MHz bidirectional (RF), BatiBus communication to Synergyr OZW30

Indoor wireless range

30 m


On DIN rail, or with screws

Degree of protection


Dimensions (W x H x D)

120 x 90 x 50 mm