Room unit

Stock no. BPZ:QAW910

Stock no. BPZ:QAW910

Wireless room unit.

The QAW910 is used for the operation and display of basic space heating functions. It also forwards the acquired room temperature to the central apartment unit QAX9.., either periodically or when changes occur. The room temperature is shown on the display of the QAW910.

  • Operation and display of space heating functions

  • Selection of room operating mode, timer function and room temperature setpoint readjustment

  • Display of space heating function and status messages

  • Acquisition of the room temperature

  • Battery-powered by commercially available 1.5 V batteries (contained in the scope of delivery)

  • Especially suited for:

  • Renovation projects (old buildings, museums, churches, historical buildings, etc.)

  • Difficult wall-mounting situations (sandstone, glass, etc.)

  • Variable floor plans (different décors, furniture changes)

  • New houses and buildings

  • RF communication based on KNX standard (868 MHz, bidirectional)



Voltage supply

Mignon (2xAA) LR6

Battery capacity

2.5 Ah

Battery life

3 years

Measuring range, temperature

0...50 °C


Segment LCD

Display size

Resolution 0.1 °C


KNX RF-compatible, 868.3 MHz bidirectional (RF)

Indoor wireless range

30 m


With screws

Degree of protection


Dimensions (W x H x D)

84 x 130 x 23.6 mm