Business continuity

Business continuity

Regulatory authorities require evidence that the specific safety of products and the security of critical data are not a risk in case of failure or breakdown. With our business continuity service we protect the critical data which allows you to continue to supply the public and to comply with the regulatory requirements at all times.

The daily backup and frequent archiving are typical tasks for the local IT department. We provide comprehensive reporting on current performance using our detailed knowledge of system architectures, database structures and key performance indicators, and we also propose corrective measures as required.

Each step in the life science value chain is important for creating a structure that is both up to date and also supports future investments in your life science building infrastructure. Our flexible and scalable systems can be easily converted and give your company the ability to change and grow as its needs change, thereby continuously protecting investments. Flexibility allows quick migration and extension without losing sight of functional design.

Documented proofs during the entire life cycle ensure efficient compliance to fulfill all regulatory requirements at any time. Our solutions designed for life sciences allow you to focus on your core competence with confidence.

Your benefits

  • Guaranteed backups that are fully available in the case of incident recovery ­

  • Proven procedure and staff training ­

  • Comprehensive information on system performance

  • Reliable archived data throughout the entire retention period