Integrated security solutions for the life science market

The pharmaceutical industry faces ever more challenges when it comes to the physical security of their facilities and sites. One of these is the control and management of access rights for staff, contract personnel as well as visitors to restricted areas including production lines and R&D facilities.

Clean rooms in particular require stringent controls and adherence to organizational policies. Contamination of raw materials or finished products is one of the industries principal concerns. Disruption to the production and delivery process, the cost impact for extra-ordinary clean room sanitization, as well as the massive impact potential of product re-calls and damage to brand reputation are just a number of the potential consequences.

Our solution

Siemens offers a broad variety of specific security solutions ranging from perimeter protection for large production facilities featuring intelligent video analysis to industry-certified access control solutions for restricted areas within the pharmaceutical landscape.

The specifically designed cross-contamination prevention solution from Siemens allows for the implementation of sophisticated, pre-defined, consequential processes whilst ensuring uncomplicated and efficient usage for operators.


  • Limit access to restricted areas including clean room complex to real time authorized and qualified personnel

  • Easily manage and control the desired sequence for entering different areas/clean rooms

  • Utilize common scenarios (maximum length of stay or access limited to specific times of day or a minimum number of persons) or more advanced scenarios (such as two-man rule)

  • Benefit from detailed audit trails facilitating auditing and compliance with ER/ES regulations including 21 CFR Part 11 or EU Annex 11

  • Integrate solution into building automation or danger management systems including connection to HR-systems (e.g. SAP)