Energy management in life science facilities


Due to diminishing fossil energy resources, rising energy prices and increased public sensitivity to environmental issues, the efficient use of energy is more important today than ever before.

With an extensive research program in

  • ­green technologies,

  • integrated energy management and control systems,

  • “best in class” power saving technologies and

  • efficient building systems,

we are at the forefront of reducing the global carbon footprint and improving energy efficiency.

Siemens is highly committed to an efficient and sustainable operation and sets itself high environmental goals. We are committed to reduce our customers' CO2 emissions by 300 million tons annually and improve our own CO2 and water efficiency by 20% by fiscal 2011.

Having advised some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world on where they are operating inefficiently or using more energy than necessary, Siemens has been a trusted partner for the life science industry for many years. Making use of our extensive experience, we know where energy is used in life science facilities and their individual rooms, and how it can be curbed.  For example, optimized heating, ventilation and air conditioning alone can lower energy consumption in research and development facilities by more than 30% - without productivity or quality suffering.

Metering, monitoring and controlling

In the life science industry more than 60% of energy is used for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Therefore it is vital to keep track of how and where energy is used within your life science facilities. Our building automation and control systems enable you to save energy costs by optimizing the control of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lights and blinds within your buildings.

The challenge is to have a reliable, efficient and easy to use monitoring and control system, therefore Siemens provides integrated metering and monitoring solutions and services to efficiently detect and respond to a variety of events that can threaten your business continuity and profitability.
As a result, life science facility operators profit from enormous energy savings as our control systems monitor and act in order to save time and money.

Contact one of our experts to find out more on how you can save energy in your life science facilities.

Improving energy efficiency

Natural resources are becoming rare and the cost for energy is rapidly rising, leading to increased production expenses and affecting the profitability of any life science company. Notably, 65% (page 24) of the energy consumption in the pharmaceutical industry is attributed to heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Therefore, the trend of finding solutions to monitor, measure and control total energy consumption has also reached the life science industry.

We provide solutions for different areas and applications of your life science facility as each of them has specific requirements.

Saving energy in your laboratory

Research and development facilities are the most energy consuming activities in the pharmaceutical industry, consuming up to 10 times more energy per square meter than commercial office buildings.

The laboratory solution from Siemens is an investment that pays for itself from day one.
Its holistic approach from the laboratory fume hood to building automation and control allows for a broad range of energy saving opportunities.
In general, plants for laboratory room ventilation are designed for maximum operation, i.e. air demand when the fume hood sash panel is fully open. In practice, however, this type of operating state rarely occurs. As a result, the maximum air volume could be designed to be lower and the primary plants could be sized smaller, as long as there is no impact on safety. The laboratory solution from Siemens monitors the entire air flow continuously and raises an alarm in a timely manner prior to exceeding the maximum capacity of the ventilation plant. With our solution you can reduce both operating and investment costs while maintaining safety levels for the laboratory users.

Your benefits with an integrated laboratory solution from Siemens are:

  • Increased energy savings thanks to occupancy-based operating when using time scheduler

  • High-quality pressure sensors allow controlling of very small volume flows

  • Reduced throttling loss and noise development

  • Sash closing user reminder after a certain period of time by the fume hood operating panel

  • Reduced operating and investment costs when using simultaneous functions

We also support you with a range of services to optimize your energy efficiency throughout the buildings:

These services include:

  • Energy Performance Contracting

  • Building performance optimization

  • Energy Monitoring & Controlling

  • Migration

Thanks to our integrated approach you profit from reduced implementation and operational costs, maximum availability and energy efficiency leading to less carbon emissions and an increased bottom line.

If you would like to find out more about how you can save energy in your life science buildings, please contact one of our experts directly.