Set the right basis for energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is about more than just identifying potentials and implementing measures to reduce energy consumption. With systematic approaches adapted to the lifecycle of your building, you'll not only benefit long-term from lower energy costs but also from a higher building value and a positive public image.

Implementing optimally integrated technology is a first important step towards efficiency. Therefore you should already consider in the planning phase the appropriate building automation and control systems.

To continuously maintain the economic balance between building performance, comfort and sustainability you need to implement the right solutions and services to ensure transparency, create awareness and preserve efficiency.

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Transparency – First step towards more energy efficiency

Energy-efficient buildings use less energy, produce fewer CO2 emissions and offer better living or working conditions. No matter if you are looking at a new or existing building, transparency is the key to continuous energy efficiency.

Awareness – Needed for continuity

Building automation and control support energy-efficient operation. However, due to normal plant operation and user intervention, settings that were initially optimized can begin to drift, leading to increased energy consumption and maintenance costs.

To create constant awareness for energy efficiency and to be able to positively influence the behavior of building occupants, the right solutions and services help keep track and continuously optimize building performance.

Efficiency – Maintaining building efficiency

To ensure sustained building efficiency with smooth operation and ideal building usage, the optimum state needs to be maintained through adequate analyses as well as maintenance, energy and modernization projects.

Since energy efficiency is not only driven by the building infrastructure, the right sustainability and energy management results in better resource management and therefore significant cost savings.