Plan and install in record time

Acvatix globe valves are used for shutoff, flow regulation or for mixing fluids in a wide variety of applications. Whether in energy generation, distribution or consumption – globe valves are used in the majority of HVAC applications. Siemens recommends globe valves especially for floor heating, zone control, heating groups, district heating and boiler plants.

Your benefits

  • The highest reliability and a long service life, even under the most difficult of conditions, such as extreme high temperatures or pressures

  • Fast installation and good visibility of operating and position displays for easy troubleshooting during servicing

  • Product quality certified in Siemens in-house lab

  • Simple system modernization ensured by decades of backward compatibility

Success story

Hospital in Austria with around 85,000 m² and over 600 beds uses Acvatix valves in all areas (heating, cooling, steam and air conditioning). Altogether more than 1,000 globe valves are installed.