Hermetically sealed for highest safety

The Acvatix range offers hermetically sealed mixing, diverting and 2-port valves for refrigeration plants. These include refrigerant valves for expansion, hot gas and suction throttle applications. All Acvatix refrigerant valves save energy in the refrigeration plant, for example through their accurate superheat control also in part load situations.

The valves are not only simple to install and maintenance-free, but also environmentally compatible: In all actuators the core is completely surrounded by a pressure tube. The magnet coil is located outside the refrigerant circuit, therefore the system is hermetically sealed. The magnet coil generates a magnetic field that is transmitted through the pressure tube, causing the core to move and thus the valve to travel.

Your benefits

  • Hermetically sealed refrigerant valves – also in IP65 design

  • Energy savings through accurate superheat control, very fine stroke resolution and positioning time < 1 second

  • Long-term investment protection thanks to long service life, backward compatibility and protection functions

  • Vibration-free operation, safe in the event of a power failure and control of dynamic processes

  • Ease of service and installation as well as high degree of environmental compatibility