Climatix IC - Services

Climatix IC - the web-based Remote Servicing System offers a number of highlights, easing everyday work

Climatix IC - easy connection of Climatix controller

Climatix IC - easy connection
  • Plug internet cable into the Climatix IP port so that the controller connects to Climatix IC.

  • No other settings are required, thus simplifying the work for the installer.

  • When the Climatix controller is connected, data are transmitted according to the COV (change-of-value) principle.

  • Communication between controller and Climatix IC is secured and encrypted to avoid unauthorized access.

Climatix IC - site overview

Climatix IC - site overview
  • Service engineer gets overview of the installed controllers or sites fast and straightforwardly.

  • If an alarm is active, a click on the alarm bell delivers details.

  • A specific site is found by entering street name, town/city or site description.

  • System informs if site includes a chiller, heat pump or air handling unit according to the application set used.

  • Service engineer only sees the plant components under his responsibility.

Climatix IC - historical plant data

Climatix IC - historical plant data
  • Climatix IC records the received data and displays it via Trend Viewer.

  • Data are handled in accordance with access rights.

  • Analysis of data history and adjustment of setpoints, if required.

  • Historical plant data include information needed to determine a plant component’s life.

  • Historical plant data can be used to prevent malfunctions.

  • Service engineer only sees the plant components under his responsibility.

Climatix IC – time scheduler and calendar

Climatix IC - time scheduler and calendar
  • Time scheduler and calendar can be easily set.

  • Graphical overview of active scheduler.

  • Energy consumption of a plant component can be easily optimized if scheduler has not been set.

Climatix IC - alarm notification

Climatix IC - alarm notification
  • Alarm notification per site can be set up, service engineer will be alerted via e-mail.

  • Context of e-mails is dynamic and includes all the information needed to rectify malfunctions in the shortest possible time.

  • Application-related alarm notifications are sent to the respective expert.

  • Notifications can be scheduled according to the service engineer’s availability.

Climatix IC - remote upgrade

Climatix IC - remote upgrade
  • Service engineer can easily check the type of firmware and application implemented on site.

  • Site upgrades can be scheduled from a remote location.

  • Climatix IC performs all steps required to upgrade the control system (e.g. backing up commissioning data).

  • Climatix IC notifies the user about upgrade processes via e-mail.

  • Upgrades of Climatix firmware and applications can be downloaded to local PC.