Climatix district heating applications

From production to distribution

State-of-the-art plants thanks to stepwise modernization - secure and direct access from remote locations

  • Modular design, straightforward upgrading as needed using proven updates of extra functions, secure and direct via remote access, fast, easy and reliable - from installation to maintenance

Meeting future requirements straightforwardly and fast - with freely programmable controllers

  • Programmable controllers provide distributed intelligence, and the findings lead to individual solutions, enabling future needs to be satisfied fast and straightforwardly

Competence and innovation based on 30 years of experience - implemented in the form of tested and customized solutions

  • Flexible concepts, innovative products, functions meeting the demand, important information, versatility - secure investment thanks to backward compatibility

On-site access and individual operation - matched to the plant and the requirements

  • On-site access to plants via user-friendly touch panel; fast, straightforward handling thanks to visualization with 3-D graphs, pictures and animations - matched to the plant and the requirements

Investment protection thanks to improved availability of plants and cost optimization - Remote Servicing System

  • Preventive measures with no need to visit plants, any time and from any location - Remote Servicing System for commissioning, monitoring, maintenance and customized upgrading of plants

Energy optimization and management - thanks to forward-looking integration and demand-related control

  • Future-oriented communication capability, demand-related control and automatic exchange of information for energy distribution, cost-optimized storage of heat and cooling energy

Individual data acquisition on site - for scheduled maintenance and future optimization of plant

  • Individual, decentralized data acquisition - energy-cost evaluation and billing, future optimization of  plant, scheduled maintenance

Complete controls offering - sensors and actuators for sustained solutions

  • Sensors for smart solutions - the data delivered by the plant will be reliable

Proven and innovative - Climatix district heating controllers - general characteristics

Energy efficiency thanks to special control algorithms and networking

  • Limitation of return temperature, power, volume flow and commands for domestic hot water storage tank charging and adaptation of heating curve based on outside temperature, solar radiation and wind speed and the use of alternative energy sources from solar panels

Advanced communication capability

  • Capability to connect and exchange heat demand, energy consumption, operating hours and set the parameters of the Climatix district heating controller via Ethernet TCP/IP, BACnet IP, Modbus IP and collect heat meter data via M-bus communication

Future-proof investments

  • The Climatix district heating controller can be updated and so adapted to future requirements - locally or remotely by Climatix IC

User-friendly operation

  • Menu-based clear-text operation with password-protected user levels shows only the information that is required. Languages can be changed in real time

Data recording according to trends and events

  • Important data can be recorded in the internal and external data store, which then help optimize the district heating plan. Knowing what value a sensor had acquired before, an event will help understand the district heating plan

Meeting customer needs efficiently

Thanks to a high level of flexibility, Climatix district heating satisfies customer needs with regard to sensors and output signals for valves and actuators. Furthermore, it affords straightforward integration into a building management system oder BACS.

  • Perfectly protected right from day one

    Climatix district heating controllers

    The ideal and flexible control solution for district heating substations.

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  • Intelligent security solutions and services

    Touch panels POL..

    Individual visualization of the district heating substation from small to large.

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  • Intelligent security solutions and services

    User interfaces POL871..

    Local user interfaces with menu operation in clear-text for different languages, graphics and trend view.

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  • Intelligent security solutions and services

    Communication and IO modules POL9..

    Extendable on request with additional IO and communication modules, such as BACnet IP or M-bus.

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  • Intelligent security solutions and services

    Valves and actuators SAX.. + VVG..

    Broad range of valves and actuators from small to large.

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  • Intelligent security solutions and services

    Valves and actuators SAT.. + VVG549..

    World's fastest electro-mechanical actuator for fast control loops, such as direct domestic hot water circuits.

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  • Intelligent security solutions and services

    Differential pressure control valves

    The range of differential pressure control valves helps handle controlled pressure situations on the primary side.

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  • Intelligent security solutions and services

    Temperature sensors

    A broad range of temperature sensors are available for wide temperature ranges and different mounting situations.

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  • Intelligent security solutions and services

    Pressure sensors

    Highly reliable and precise pressure sensors for high temperatures and high rated pressures.

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