Climatix controllers

Climatix 600 - flexible and modular

  • POL68.. are optimized for chiller/heat pump and roof top applications (27 I/Os)

  • POL63.. are optimized for air handling unit and district heating applications (21 I/Os)

  • Communication modules (LON, BACnet, Modbus..) for BACS integration

  • Extension I/O modules to define I/O mix according to application

  • On-board TCP/IP and modem interface for remote servicing - Climatix IC

  • Several controller versions

Main features

  • Seamless integration in BACS with communication modules (e.g. BACnet, LON, Modbus), directly connected to controller (plug & play)

  • M-bus module to collect meter data and web module with integrated visualization package

  • Wider application configurability with extension modules, directly connected to controller via peripheral bus. HVAC equipment with best I/O mix to fit configured application

  • Ethernet port for software engineering, commissioning and service purposes (HMI@web); remote access to controller via Climatix IC

  • RS485 port to integrate field devices (Siemens or 3rd party), such as variable speed drives, temperature and pressure sensors or touch panels

  • Process bus (KNX-based) to integrate user interfaces or controllers in case of modular control panel design. Data can be exchanged between different Siemens devices

  • Broad range of Siemens user interfaces, room units and touch panels

Climatix 400 - compact and flexible

  • POL422 and POL423 are optimized for compact chillers/heat pumps

  • POL424 is optimized for compact air handling units

  • POL426 and POL425 for district heating substations

  • Programmable controllers with SD Card support

  • Integrated interfaces for Modbus RTU or BACnet MS/TP, M-bus and process bus communication

Main features

  • Intelligent and communicating field devices, such as variable speed drives, pumps, fans, combined temperature and pressure sensors and touch panels can be integrated via Modbus RTU

  • Integration in a BACS via BACnet MS/TP or Modbus RTU

  • Easy integration of Siemens user interfaces or Climatix controllers and exchange process data via local process bus

  • Broad range of Siemens user interfaces and touch panels can be connected

  • M-bus communication interface on POL426 can read out data of heating and/or cooling energy meters from remote locations

  • Highly efficient pumps and fans can be controller via PWM or analog signals

  • Direct detection of mains voltage digital signal from temperature controller or pressure switch