Commercial burners

Compact systems for standard and high-end applications

Burner controls are available for any type of application, be it with basic sequence control and a fixed time program or complex ratio control including up to 6 actuators.
Secure and reliable burner controls and flame detectors for intermittent or continuous operation with matching components, such as actuators, valves and controllers, ensure optimum interplay.

Accurately working damper actuators in combination with combustion optimization via O2 trim control and LMV5 ratio control ensure low emission levels an high efficiency. Flexible parameter settings make it possible to choose from an array of different configurations.

The ease with which the compact LMV2/3 ratio control can be integrated into the burner it impressive. Thanks to a "red flag" mode, commissioning really is very easy. The program guides the user through the setting of the key parameter.

Our products cover capacity ranges from 300kW to 30 MW. Every burner application - be it in connection with water boilers, steam boilers, thermo oil or industrial process plants - can be covered by one of our products.

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    Burner controls

    The LME7 burner control platform is specifically designed for controlling modulating or multistage burners in the medium to large capacity range.

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    Burner management system LMV2/3

    The LMV2/3 air-fuel ratio control system is used for the control of modulating or multi-stage oil or gas burners of medium to large capacity.

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    Burner management system LMV5

    LMV5 air-fuel ratio control system - the perfect partner for heavy duties. Optional connection to existing PLC building automation and control system.

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    Damper actuators

    The SQM40/41 delivering a maximum torque of 40 Nm. There is a large number of mounting options and drive shaft versions available.

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    Universal controllers

    The particularly versatile RWF50 and RWF55 universal controllers have been designed for controlling temperature and pressure in different applications.

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    Gas valves and actuators

    The modular concept of the VGD/VRD with SKP line has been continually improved with regard to functionality, robustness and user friendliness.