Desigo AirOptiControl

Cost savings of up to 50% thanks to optimized volumetric air flow

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AirOptiControl optimizes the volumetric air flow, thus providing an excellent basis for energy-efficient operation of ventilation and air conditioning systems. At the same time, comfort control ensures adherence to the boundaries of temperature, indoor air quality, and humidity. The innovative, modular designed application offers a number of function variants for the control of air handling plants or for optimum fan operation. Demand control can be varied depending on the design of the VAV (Variable Air Volume) controls installed in the plant. AirOptiControl is suited for individual room systems or several zones and also controls basic load heating.



  • Energy costs reduced by 50% in comparison with CAV (Constant Air Volume) systems, thanks to unique energy efficiency mode for demand-based air volume control

  • Full adherence to the required temperature, indoor air quality, and humidity levels

  • Existing plants can be upgraded while ensuring short payback times

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Specific visualization options for managing and monitoring the energy-efficient plant operation with Desigo CC.