Energy Savings Performance Contracting helps you benefit from guaranteed savings as you modernize your systems

Your successful solution for modernizing, optimizing and financing building systems

Holistic modernization without investment risk

In many buildings, obsolete building systems lead to unnecessarily high energy consumption and produce climate-damaging emissions. Now is the time to act. Time to perform a complete energy upgrade of your building systems, from the boiler to control technology and lighting. Other areas with significant savings potential include water consumption and building management. Only state-of-the-art building technology guarantees maximum efficiency and operating reliability. Required upgrades often tie up capital that is urgently needed elsewhere. Energy Savings Performance Contracting from Siemens is the ideal solution: Your building systems are modernized from the ground up, all measures are financed by the guaranteed savings, and you can utilize your investment budget where it yields the most benefits.

Benefiting from holistic effects

Through targeted modernization and optimization, Siemens engineers tap into the existing energy savings potential of your building systems. This not only leads to a significant reduction of your operating costs, it also increases the value of your property. Because of the multi-year savings guaranteed by your contract with Siemens, your company's economic success is ensured over the long term. In addition, you will enjoy other benefits in day-to-day operations: Upgraded building systems and their guaranteed functionality during the contract period increase availability and operating reliability while minimizing maintenance costs. Last but not least, by saving energy and reducing climate-damaging greenhouse gas emissions, you make a valuable contribution to the protection of the environment.

Numerous benefits, no risks

Energy Savings Performance Contracting is a win-win solution: This contract/financing model eliminates your financial risks while offering a number of practical benefits. All required measures are financed through guaranteed savings.  Siemens Guaranteed Performance-based Solutions use funds saved from reduced energy use to finance energy upgrades and improvements.  Our Guarantee ensures energy consumption savings throughout the contract period. If the agreed upon energy goals are not met, Siemens pays the shortfall. If your energy savings surpass the Guarantee goals, you receive 100 percent of the excess savings – an unbeatable formula for our customers.

Financing models

If needed, Siemens can prefinance your modernization project. Which model is most suitable – forfaiting, installment purchase, leasing or renting – depends on the specific requirements of your project. Optionally, a third-party financial institution can be brought on board, or it can act as the principal contracting party for the entire project and hire Siemens as a technology expert and subcontractor.

Partnership for your success

Benefit from everything a strong partner has to offer. Siemens is a leading building technology supplier, operates large real estate properties and has years of experience in Energy Savings Performance Contracting. We work with you to develop solutions that precisely meet your requirements and goals and then involve a variety of partners from our extensive network to successfully complete your project. We cooperate with the following partners to create customized service packages:

  • Financial service providers such as Siemens Financial Services

  • Building technology specialists and planners

  • Building management and energy supply experts

  • Structural engineering and thermal insulation companies

  • Legal experts, e.g. for contract management, such as Siemens Legal