Modernize to optimize

Modernization is the basis for safe and sustainable building operations.

Breathe new life into your existing systems

Through capital investments, migration increases the efficiency of building systems and lowers their operating costs. Upgrade and update programs customized to meet your requirements and business processes ensure that your buildings and infrastructures remain state-of-the-art and increase their energy efficiency, sustainability and availability. This migration philosophy facilitates proactive maintenance, minimizes downtimes and boosts the value of your buildings.

Customized step-by-step modernization of outdated systems and technologies is the way toward future-proof systems. Modernizing aging systems in due time ensures a seamless transition to the latest generation.

Ensure maximum availability

State-of-the-art building automation and control systems and technologies ensure efficient operations and maximum availability, allowing you to meet your company's comfort and safety requirements. New, flexible functions ranging from control to monitoring assist your operating personnel - anywhere and at any time.

Step by step toward a state-of-the-art system

Your customized modernization plan

A step-by-step approach eliminates the need for a costly replacement of the entire system. A migration plan precisely customized to meet your budget requirements allows you to make the best use of the benefits offered by our leading edge technology.

Affordable financing options

Partial or complete modernization of your building infrastructure can significantly boost its energy efficiency. Since you can amortize the project costs through the savings you achieve, you start benefitting from increased energy efficiency right away - with only a small, or even zero, up-front investment. Energy performance contracting helps you achieve guaranteed savings and boost the energy efficiency of your buildings and systems.

Continuous monitoring for long-term success

After migration, continuous monitoring of relevant key performance indicators is needed to make sure that your energy efficiency goals are met over the long term. The Siemens Efficiency Monitoring Service helps you identify and systematically realize future savings potentials.